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The Dutch brand Penn & Ink infuses the ambiance of New York into its collections, skillfully blending the American approach to basics with the refinement of European style. With over a decade of existence, the brand has released numerous collections, aspiring to craft comfortable, high-quality, and fashionable attire. Their everyday models exude a distinct charm and aesthetic that mirrors the brand’s unique identity. Inspired by travels and worldly explorations, Penn & Ink now offers a broad array of clothing and accessories.
Their collections encompass coats, jackets, trendy knitwear, travel and sportswear, along with skirts and trousers, sunglasses, gloves, and even their own recipe book. Penn & Ink doesn’t just offer clothing; it embodies an entire lifestyle concept. Headquartered in the Netherlands, the brand’s production is distributed across various countries. With five flagship stores in Europe and representation in numerous multi-brand boutiques, Penn & Ink has established a significant presence in the fashion world.
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