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The Mariuccia Milano brand emerged in 2010, born from the inspiration and passion of its founder and lead designer, Mariuccia Lafranceshina. She brought her ideas to life through stitches, patterns, and designs, marking a journey of inspiration, learning, and dedication that transformed the brand from a mere sketch on paper into an exceptional and highly esteemed reality, evident in its numerous collections and lines.
Mariuccia epitomizes freshness and style, embodying a strong and elegant character. It caters to those who value meticulous attention to detail, prefer essence over randomness, and seek to stand out with sophistication. At its core, the brand upholds values of quality and creativity, expressed through softness, grace, high-quality fabrics, and an artistic approach to exploration. Each garment is imbued with a sense of uniqueness, both in design and in its intricate details.
The collections by Mariuccia are meticulously crafted to adapt seamlessly to any situation, offering a sophisticated and versatile style that celebrates the "Woman" as the central figure in every role and moment of the day.
Headquartered in the picturesque southern Italian city of Barletta, the brand draws inspiration from the region’s sun-drenched landscapes. Here, every aspect of the collection reflects the warmth and vitality of the local environment, imparting a distinctive charm and allure to each garment. This infusion of energy and inspiration elevates each piece, making them irresistible to discerning aficionados of beauty and quality.
Mariuccia Milano
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