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The Italian brand, owned by the Florentine company GAILLARDO, has its origins dating back over 40 years. Initially conceived to conquer the global market, this brand now specializes in creating women’s clothing collections that adhere to the highest standards of European quality. Thanks to exceptional craftsmanship and a perfect fit, the clothing models produced by this brand can compete with premium-class bespoke items.
Its elegant and refined design, impeccable attention to detail, and exquisite choice of fabrics and accessories ensure a cohesive and unique stylistic approach. Every element in the collections is carefully considered, imparting sophistication and character to the outfits.
The company’s main office is situated in the heart of Florence, the cultural and fashion capital of Italy, underscoring the brand’s deep-rooted heritage. Gaillardo’s women’s clothing collections are showcased in prestigious European boutiques, where they captivate customers with their refined style and unmatched quality.
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