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CALATURA is an Italian knitwear brand with a name that holds special meaning. It’s a technical term evoking the art of knitting, well-known in the Emilia region. CALATURA embodies patterns crafted from skillfully joined pieces.
Skill, quality, and experience form the foundation of CALATURA’s women’s clothing collection. Here, pride is taken in the crafted product, with ongoing efforts aimed at offering a deeper understanding of the brand’s DNA each season.
The CALATURA women’s clothing collection serves as a declaration of belonging to a world where tradition, skill, and innovation are valued. It’s driven by the inspiration to create an elegant and refined future.
Like an open window to a garden bathed in sunlight, CALATURA offers an atmosphere infused with vivid scents and sounds. The designer’s collection is born, grows, evolves, leaving its mark on the world. It’s akin to a tree, always refreshed and renewed. Tradition merges with environmental sustainability, producing a high-quality product that consistently garners attention. CALATURA epitomizes eternal elegance, etched into every pattern and detail.
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